Appetite suppressants are drugs or dietary supplements that educe the appetite leading to little consumption of food,hence used for losing weight.They are also known as anorectic or anorexic.
In recent years,alot of people have been reported to seeking ways in which they could reduce weight.Most have spent huge sums of money to curb their oversize weights in bid of having lesser weight and an admirable skinny body.Infact,it was reported that in 2007,about $1.7 billion was used on weight pills,according to a researcher from Nutrition Business Journal.It is in the wake of this craze and desperation of weight loss that has led to the need to find a way of preventing the excessive weight,rather than trying to reduce it much later.This has led to ways of reducing the weight using appetite suppressant pills.

Best Appetite Suppressant Pills

While dieting,the trickiest thing could be how to control the hunger pangs and of course,your appetite.This has led to the development of appetite suppressants that could be supplemented into the diet.
These drugs act on the Central Nervous System by tricking the body to believe that it is not hungry.They are made in form of tablets and extended-release capsules.A good weight loss pill will help in cutting the intake of fats,reduce production of fats in the body and encourage the wasting away of the already accumulated fats.

The best appetite suppressant pill should not affect the normal body performance and healthiness.It should therefore facilitate and maintain physical energy,increase formation of muscles ,simulate body metabolism and at the same time detoxify the body.


This drug stimulates the hypothalamus.It is a single daily dose that should be taken for 2-3 weeks.Its side effects include vomiting ,dry mouth,constipation,dizziness,high blood pressure,shortness of breath and or edema.


These pills help you lose weight while blocking fat from being digested  in the body.They are taken in between meals ,for a period not exceeding 2 months.


It is taken 2-3 times a day,for a short term.Like other medications,Phendimetrazine too has side effects but are mild and should therefore be manageable.


This drug works best when taken with a low fat diet.It may cause gastrointestinal effects and anxiety related side effects.


This has been used to promote weight loss.Although it was initially meant fir treatment of psychiatric disorders such as bipolar and seasonal effective disorders,it has gained popularity as an appetite suppressant.

Lorcaserin Hydrochloride

This works by affecting serotonin levels in the brain.Serotonin in turn regulates appetite .However,it does come with health risks that lead to high levels of serotonin in the brain.

General Benefits of Appetite Suppressants

These tablets have been seen to reduce weight with minimal health risks over a short period of time while in use.These medications have been found to lower blood pressure,body fats,blood pressure and increase resistance to insulin.

Legality of the Suppressants

Most of these drugs are sold over the counter or could as well be prescribed by a  physician or diet expert.The FDA issued out a list of these approved drugs,with only two being recalled from the market due to their adverse health effects.In most countries,they are not illegal .However,they should be taken responsibly and for a short time to treat obesity.

Drug Interactions

These drugs are not for everyone,as no research or studies been conducted on children.It has been done only in adults.

Before  a prescription,a doctor will consider incidences of allergy,pregnancy,breastfeeding and other types of medications that you are taking.Incase you have conditions,tell your doctor;diabetes,heart disease,kidney diseases,high blood pressure and over reactive thyroids.

Due to side effects such as drowsiness,convulsions,confusions and lightheadedness,weigh if you could operate machinery before administration.

In cases of adverse side effects such as  chest pain,swelling,difficulty in breathing and reduced body performance,stop use and seek medical attention.

As seen,it is necessary to choose a the best appetite suppressant pill that will not cause risky health conditions.In fact,a good pill should be the one that helps you eat less and burn more fats.