To better understand what testosterone cycles are, we will first look at what is testosterone, later look at what I a cycle and finally look at the general relationship between the two, now the test cycle.

Testosterone is a hormonal steroid that that stimulates the sexual characteristics in men. This hormone naturally occurs in the body but might be supplemented when low quantities are in the body. It I often found in men although women too may have them. Apart from their effects on sex drive, it also has some impacts on bone, muscle mass and strength.

The amount of this hormone in the body affects both physical and mental health of an individual. In low quantities, it could cause decreased sexual drive, less energy, wasted muscles, depression, mood changes, loss of body hair and thinner thighs. In high levels, however, testosterone could result in early puberty , and a highly masculine physique.

Factors that may cause little production of test include AIDS, liver and kidney diseases, alcoholism and pituitary gland related illnesses.

Now lets look at what cycles are. You may have wondered what exactly are these cycles that are often much talked about in body building and weightlifting industry. So in a simplified explanation, cycles are periods in which a person or a user takes a drug for training purposes. In other times, these steroids may be combined with others for maximum yield. In such a case, these other steroids are called stacks, while the process itself is called stacking.

Cycles can be categorized into two;bulking and cutting cycles. As pee their names,bulking cycles are for the purposes of gaining muscle mass, while a cutting cycle is tasked with helping a person to reduce body weight and further sculpt their bodies.

As a beginner, your first cycle should be with testosterone. This is because it could be well tolerated in the body and produce perfect results. This option will lead to injections or oral only cycles. Testosterone enanthate is beginner friendly as it could be injected only twice a week. A standard cycle would be the 500mg per week for 10 – 12 weeks in total. Another option is testosterone propionate although it is a daily dose of 100 mg to 150 mg. Often,most people opt for the former.

Benefits of  testosterone cycles may also include because it is a guiding factor to how your body will react to other steroids.  Other reasons for first testosterone cycle trial include, but not limited to, building muscles as much as possible and as fast as possible. Another benefit is it’s affordability and legality. In most countries, it is legal and dies not cost much of your money.

Side Effects of Testosterone cycles online

Like any other steroid, testosterone has side effects but none of them too drastic. Some downsides of a test cycle include; they have limited gain, this is why they are the best for starters unlike advanced users.

They also help in building too much muscles  that could later cause injuries to tendons and ligaments after too much straining during work outs. Apart from these, testosterone could be highly resistant to medications that ate meant to reduce the side effects.

For advanced users, stacking testosterone would be highly beneficial. The choice is determined by by the users desires, cost, experience and tolerance.

For bulking,a bulking cycle with testosterone may include testosterone enanthate with Dianabol  for 12 weeks of 500 – 750 mg weekly.

Hardening cycle will involve testosterone enanthate in doses of 500 mg per week testosterone and 500 mg per week Trenbolone for 17 and 12 weeks respectively.

A cutting cycle will be in favour of oral Winstrol in 60 mg per day for 6 weeks and testosterone in doses of 100 mg per day for 10 weeks. After that, practice PCT for the next three weeks.

As seen,testosterone cycles are the best choice for first time users as they will provide huge benefits with very little side effects. Test cycles will act as a litmus test to how your body will respond to other steroids.

Always remember to practice a healthy lifestyle by using steroids responsibly.