Being able to putt well can shave up to 20 strokes off your round, and reducing the number of three putt holes you have can also improve your overall confidence when playing. The best putters in the world spend many hours practicing, and understand just how important it is, although even the best players three putt sometimes.

As with all sports, practice is important if you want to improve at golf, and one of the most important areas to practice is your putting. Firstly, you need to choose a putter from the many styles and brands available. Spend some time practicing with different putters at your local golf store, and choose one that doesn’t seem too heavy or cumbersome. The right putter simply feels right and doesn’t necessarily need to cost you more than you can comfortably afford.

Practice at your local golf course, or on a par three course, with a focus on hitting putts from different lengths, but especially those from a couple of feet which are all too easy to miss. One tried and tested putting tip is to visualize the path the ball will take before you hit it; another is to imagine that the hole is really the size of a trash can lid, and try to hit the ball within that larger area. If you can routinely get long putts close to the hole, it increases your chances of only taking two putts per hole.

The proper grip on your putter is also important, and you should make sure that the putter blade is square to the ball. If you regularly seem to mishit your ball, that may be why. You may have heard the expression never up, never in, meaning that if you leave the ball short, it’s never going to go in the hole. If you have a long putt, always give the hole a chance by trying to over hit, rather than leave it short.

Golf is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating, yet enjoyable of sports. Focusing on your putting and practicing whenever possible can help to make the game that much more enjoyable.