Losing fat is usually a struggle for most individuals especially those who try to lose the excess fat naturally by dieting and working out. Luckily, science and technology advancement in the field of fitness and health has brought about countless products and diets to help athletes and bodybuilders achieve their goals more effectively. One of these products is the Clenbuterol also referred to as Clen. It belongs to a group of compounds called sympathomimetics. It is a stimulant and not a steroid that is popular for the way it interacts with adrenoreceptors to help burn fat in the body.

Unlike other compounds in the stimulant family, Clenbuterol works in a unique way to stimulate different subtypes whether multiple or a single subtype with great effect. It is one of the few strong and effective products known to stimulate the beta-2 adrenoreceptors in the fat tissue, which initiates the process of breaking down fat into free fatty acids. Its ability to break down fat is the primary reason why it is popular among athletes, bodybuilders and common people looking to lose a few pounds of fat. Clen was originally used to treat asthma among other conditions such as cardiovascular shock, hypertension, migraine headaches, heart arrhythmias, swelling, allergic reactions and histamine reactions among others.

It works by increasing the internal body temperature and consequently increasing the metabolic rate. The improved metabolic rate enables the body to burn more fat to support the energy needs resulting in a lean muscular body. Clen also helps increase oxygen flow. With an increased oxygen flow, the cardiovascular performance also improves allowing the athletes to workout for an extended period. When the appropriate Clenbuterol cycles online are followed, an athlete can be able to get rid of hard to eliminate fats quickly such as the fat around the abdomen. It can also cause the arteries to expand allowing blood and other important muscle building components into the muscles in greater quantities.

Dosage and Administration

The effectiveness of every supplement or steroid depends on how it is consumed. To get the best results from Clenbuterol, an individual should have a unique Clen cycle that puts into account his or her metabolic rate. Different people have different metabolic rates, which results in different tolerant levels for the Clen. The right doses vary among individuals depending on the individual’s ability to deal with the side effects, but men usually take dosages of about 120 to 160mcg per day while women take about 80 to 100mcg per day.

The Clen cycles commonly used by most athletes include the burst cycle, the common cycle, and the incremental cycle. For the burst cycle, you take a large amount for two days, abstain for two days and then continue. The downside of this Clenbuterol cycle is the fact that your body is caught off guard, which may interfere with the normal body functions. For the common cycle, you take steady amount for a week, abstain for a week and then continue. For the incremental cycle, you start with a low dosage and steadily increase the dosage without taking a break. The incremental cycle is common with beginners because it allows the body to get used to the drug.


Unlike most weight loss products, Clenbuterol is effective in breaking down fat and preventing muscle loss by stimulating the skeletal mass growth thanks to its catabolic and anabolic effects. It also does not cause much weight change and thus, suitable for individuals who want a lean body without much weight change.