Clenbuterol is neither a hormone nor a steroid. Commonly referred to as Clen, the compound is a common supplement used by both bodybuilders and athletes alike. Clen is a bronchodilator and is usually prescribed to provide relief for asthma and other respiratory conditions.

While Clen is not approved for use in the US by the FDA, the supplement is popular in many countries. Moreover, many bodybuilders, athletes and even celebrities take the supplement for its secondary properties i.e. burning fat and boosting energy.

Overview of Clenbuterol Steroid
Clen is primarily a bronchodilator and is usually prescribed to patients suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma. When in the system, the supplement opens up the airways and enables patients to breathe easily. However, people also buy the supplement for its weight loss and thermogenic properties. For example, people on anabolic steroids usually take Clen during cutting to shed stubborn body fat and improve tone and muscle definition.

In the medical circles, Clenbuterol steroids fall under a category of drugs known as sympathomimetics. The compound works on beta-2 receptors to open up the airways and hence improve breathing. While doing this, the compound also improves metabolism (the rate at which stored fat is burned into energy) of the user.

Clen does not directly attack the fatty cells in the body. Instead, it increases the body temperature, which in turn boosts metabolism. While the beta-2 receptors are being stimulated by the supplement, more heat is produced in each cell by the mitochondria. It is this increase of heat produced that boosts metabolism and leads to burning of fat stored in the body.

In theory, it seems possible to use Clenbuterol tablets for bulking and get results due to the compound’s anabolic nature. However, in practice, the results are not as expected. A number of studies have shown rats can gain lean body tissue when Clen is introduced in their system. However, no studies have found the supplement to have the same effect on humans. In humans, the role of Clen in building lean muscle tissue is negligible. Therefore, Clen is useful for only two purposes: burning fat and opening up the airways.

Clen Dosage and Cycles
The typical Clen dosage prescribed for medical respiratory problems is 20mcg/day to 40mcg/day. When used for performance enhancement, the dosage is much higher. For bodybuilder and athletes, a 40mcg/day starter dose is recommended for men. For women, the dose recommended is 20mcg/day since the compound can make them sensitive.

However, as your body adjusts to the effects of the compound, you should adjust your dose to continue benefiting. Keep in mind there is no standard Clen dosage to be followed. You will have to monitor your body’s tolerance to know the best dosage that will work for you.

When you start using Clenbuterol pills, there are a number of options you can follow to fully benefit from it:

i) Use the supplement continuously
The body adapts quickly to Clen and some people may find it difficult to get results with continued use.  To ensure the best results, you should titrate your dose carefully.

The starter 20mcg/day dose should be taken for 14 days and then increased by 20mcg/day for the next 14 days. After the first 28 days, you can increase your dose by another 20mcg/day for another 14 to 28 days or until you complete your diet. This systematic increase will help to boost metabolism and burn excess fat to enable you lose weight.

ii) Use Clen on rotation
You can also use Clenbuterol weight loss pills on rotation i.e. use the compound for 14 days and then go off for the next 14 days. By following this pattern, you can use the supplement until you reach your desired percentage of body fat.

A typical pattern involves taking the starter dose for three or four days and then increasing the dose by 20mcg/day until you reach the maximum dose. Continue taking the maximum dose until your cycle clocks 14 days. After 14 days, stop using the supplement and let your body stay off it for the next 14 days. Start and repeat the process again after the 14 days, this time starting with your maximum dose to take you through the next 14 days.

You can greatly reduce your body’s tolerance to Clen by following an alternative usage pattern. However, you might experience some losses during the period you are off the supplement.

NOTE: It is important that you do not exceed 120mcg/day of Clen. Exceeding this dose increases your risk of suffering from cardiac problems. Moreover, for safety reasons, Clen should not be used for more than four months in a year. This is irrespective of whether the four months make up one cycle or are broken down into separate four-week cycles.

Where to Buy Clenbuterol
You cannot be prescribed Clen in the US since use of the supplement is not approved for human use by the FDA. Where Clen is prescribed for breathing purposes in many countries, Albuterol is prescribed in the US. Therefore, finding Clenbuterol for sale in the US can be a little difficult.

However, there are some underground labs that produce liquid Clen for oral dose or injection. You can also find the compound in tablet form. Before you buy Clenbuterol online, carry out research to ascertain where it is manufactured. It is also easy to find Clen for sale on the Internet. Search for reviews of the online store selling Clen before you order.