With a good testosterone booster and effective strength training regimen, every man can reach his full potential. Keep reading to see what’s in the best testo supplement and which one can help you reach your specific goals.

What Makes a Testosterone Supplement Great?

Each of the products on this list has certain indicators of quality. First, none of the best test supplements are made with proprietary blends. Such lists of ingredients without individual amounts leave dosage up to guess work. Since there is always a required dose for effectiveness, proprietary blends should be avoided when shopping for supplements of any kind.

Additionally, each booster contains d-aspartic acid (D-AA). This highly potent amino acid aids in the release of important hormones: the testes regulator luteinizing hormone, and the anabolic human growth hormone.

Finally, all of these products lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). Testosterone is bound to this protein in the body and therefore unable to be used. Any ingredient that reduces SHBG raises serum free testosterone.

Prime Male for Defying Age

Men lose more testosterone through increased aromatization as they age. This natural conversion of testosterone to estrogen can be halted by aromatase inhibitors. Male contains a natural AI known as luteolin. This compound was proven to be more effective at reducing serum estrogen than over 1,400 other substances.

This booster is made with the bioavailable form of vitamin D3, D, which functions similarly to D-AA. Men of a certain age who take Prime Male enjoy heightened energy, better cognitive function, and increased fat loss and muscle gains.

Test Booster to Balance Hormones

Like Prime Male, Test Booster contains magnesium, along with zinc. Zinc further lowers SHBG, and it is important for a healthy prostate. This supplement manages estrogen which, when balanced with testosterone, increases bone density and muscle mass.

For men who are more concerned with balancing hormones than just increasing testosterone, Test Booster is unique in that it is made with that goal in mind. The only complaint with the product? The nutrition label does not specify which form of vitamin D is in the formula.

TestoFuel to Cover Every Base

Wildly popular among its users, TestoFuel is often considered to be the best test supplement available today. Oyster extract, one of its more unconventional ingredients, provides zinc and lowers SHBG. The product also contains vitamin B6, an ingredient that works overtime: it inhibits aromatase, converts to androgens, and increases zinc absorption.

TestoFuel improves strength and size gains, and that dense new muscle is gained with very little fat. It improves mental clarity to keep men motivated in the gym as well as in life.

Testosterone supplements offer multiple benefits, like faster anabolic progress, lower stress levels, and improve confidence. Prime Male is great for older men, and Test Booster is one of the few testosterone supplements created for hormone balance. TestoFuel’s high quality and unique ingredients ensure results.

Are you ready to go from average gym goer to alpha male? Add one of these best testosterone supplements to your routine to get there faster.