When paired with resistance training, the best testosterone boosters can take any man from average to alpha male.

What’s in the Best Test Boosters?

Each of the products on the list has three indicators of a high quality supplement.

1. Most of the male body’s testosterone is bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and unavailable to the cells. The best testosterone boosters contain ingredients that raise free testosterone levels by blocking SHBG.

2. Proprietary blends are mixtures specific to a brand that only list the ingredients that they contain, not the individual amounts of each ingredient. Great ingredients are not beneficial until the required dosage is met. Proprietary blends are no good, and the best test boosters do not contain them.

To Defy Age, Try Prime Male

The natural conversion of testosterone to estrogen, aromatization, occurs more frequently as men age. (AIs) block the active enzyme in the reaction to reduce serum estrogen. An active ingredient in Prime Male, luteolin, was proven to be more effective at reducing estrogen than over 1,400 other substances. Prime Male also contains SHBG fighters magnesium and stinging nettle, along with the bioavailable form of vitamin D. Much like D-AA, vitamin D3 aids in the release of luteinizing and growth hormones.

While many men could probably benefit from Prime Male, it is the best test booster for aging men because it has a high capacity for reducing estrogen. Older men using Prime Male can expect increased energy for training, muscle gains with fat loss, and better cognitive function.

To Balance Hormones, Try Test Booster 1.0

Promoting balanced estrogen levels is the name of Test Booster 1.0’s game. When estrogen and testosterone are balanced well, bone density improves and muscle mass increases. Zinc and magnesium lower SHBG to increase free testosterone levels. Zinc is also important for a healthy prostate.

Men using Test Booster 1.0 enjoy strong, firm muscle gains. The only issue with this supplement: the nutrition label does not indicate which form of vitamin D it contains, D2 or the more active D3.

For Premium Quality, Try TestoFuel

This wildly popular supplement is widely considered to be the best testosterone booster available. It is formulated with several multitasking ingredients. Oyster extract, unique to TestoFuel, reduces SHBG on its own and provides significant amounts of zinc. Vitamin B6 is a true heavy lifter: it converts to androgens, maximizes zinc absorption, and inhibits aromatase.

TestoFuel fans experience size and strength gains that help them shatter previous PRs. Those gains are dense, and they come with very little fat. Sharper mental clarity helps men focus in the gym and in life.

Each of these supplements caters to a different goal. For balanced hormones, Test Booster 1.0 is the best option. Prime Male’s estrogen reducing ability makes it particularly good for men of a certain age. TestoFuel offers premium quality for men pushing the limits of manhood. Add a testosterone booster to your fitness routine to see your potential skyrocket.