Prohormones are now very popular with the bodybuilding crowd. They provide a completely legal source of steroids and they work just as well as injectable steroids. However, some people do complain that prohormone effects are not the same as injectable steroids. Is this true?

Let’s find out

Choosing The Right Cycle — Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of choosing the wrong pro hormones for their bodybuilding needs. As they are choosing the wrong combination of products, the bodybuilder wills not see the same effects or results as they expected with injectable hormones. This may disappoint the novice bodybuilder. To prevent this from happening, make sure you buy prohormones from a trusted manufacturer. Large companies like Carzy Bulk and Crazy Mass have detailed instructions and stacks on how to use a specific pro hormone stacks for specific needs.

Choose the right post cycle therapy supplements — Even the best prohormones will have substantial side-effects on the human body. To mitigate these side-effects, post cycle therapy is always advised. You can choose products from supplement companies as they are custom-made to mitigate side-effects. In case you do not want readymade supplements, you can easily choose medications that will provide post-cycle support for your particular requirements.

Adding more protein to your diet — You need to boost your protein intake while using pro hormones. For example, no matter what type of routine you are on, you have to consume about 1.5gms of protein per pound of body weight. This means that a person weighing about 200pounds will have to consume about 300gms of protein per day to ensure maximum weight gain. This might be a little difficult but switching over to a low-carb, high-protein diet seems to work quite well.

Choose the right workout sequence — Even with the right prohormone sequence, it becomes necessary to choose the right workout routine. For example, athletes may need to combine cardiovascular routines with resistance training. This is the best way to work out all muscle groups to ensure maximum effect on the body. However, this routine may not work for you and you may have to pick and choose routines that ensure a whole body workout and uniform muscle development.

Additional supplements — You may have to add extra supplements like vitamins, minerals, and fish oils to your diet. Prohormones are chemicals and they do put considerable stress on the body. This added combination of vitamins, minerals and fish oil will add strength and energy to your body while still ensuring joint and skin health. You can also add other supplements to your diet to improve your overall health.

Fat burners — Apart from prohormones, you can also add a fat burner to your diet. Fat burners are special compounds as they trim extra fat from existing muscle groups while still leaving a lean, ripped appearance. This is particularly desirable during competition season when athletes want a lean and ripped appearance. To ensure the most effects, you have to consume fat burners 15- 40 minutes before a workout.

Amino acids — If you are eating enough protein, this should not be a problem. Amino acids are the essential building blocks of new muscles. Adding amino acid supplements to your diet will ensure that your body has enough AA to build new muscle bundles while still preserving the old muscle groups that are already in place.

Always find reliable prohormones for sale from a reputable website. Remember, prohormones are supposed to contain chemical precursors that will convert to active hormones in the body. Buy from a reputable company and you will be assured for the effects on the human body.