In the world of competitive sports, steroids are illegal. They give athletes an edge in the form of energy, muscle mass, and endurance and this is not fair to other competitors. Over the years, several athletes have been banned due to illegal steroid use.

So when someone stays ‘legal steroids,’ its a little confusing to the layperson. How on earth are steroids legal when there have been express rules laid down by competition authorities banning the use of any-and-all steroids in competition sports.

This is confusing but what you have understand is the term, ‘legal steroid’ covers a loophole in steroid chemistry. These chemicals are precursor forms of steroids. That means when you consume them, they are completely different. However, they are modified by body chemistry and acts as an active steroid in the human body. This may seem a little odd but it actually helps the user to pass through several legal regulations quite easily. As the compound is not technically a steroid, you can purchase it without the need for a prescription. It is readily available through real-time pharmacies, websites and online chemists. You can buy and use the product safely but the effects are the same as conventional medical-grade steroids.

Just How Effective Are The Best Legal Steroids?

Although these precursor hormones are quite good, they do take some time to start working. Unlike medical-grade injectable hormones, even the best legal steroids take anywhere from one month to three months to show effects. They are not as powerful but they can still get you almost 60%-90% of the results seen with conventional steroids.

Where do I find and buy legal steroids?

Unfortunately, black marketeers have cottoned to the fact that there is really no regulation of the legal steroid market. As a result, you may find numerous top steroids for sale and all of them are stating that they are legal steroids. In some cases, the naming is almost 90% similar to the steroid name and making a choice is tough. We do recommend that you do not play games with your life. Here are a few tips by which you can find reliable legal steroids (LS) for yourself.

*Choose a trusted website or retailer – We do recommend that you find a retailer that you trust for your legal steroids. For example, large retailers like Crazy Bulk and Crazymass specialize in legal steroids. They also have special combinations, dosing instructions, and cycle use instructions on their medications. As the companies are nationally registered and internationally known, you are assured of quality products at affordable prices. You don’t have to buy from the companies mentioned above but do make sure that they have a similar reputation.
*Don’t be fooled by names – There are cheaper products online and these companies will sell their products by changing a few alphabets on the brand name. For example, D-Bol will change to D-Bal and Winstrol will be changed to Winstral. Don’t be fooled as these are misleading false names that deceive the customers.
*Check ingredients – Always check ingredients on the back of the box. Never buy products by just reading claims. There is a huge variation in the type of LS on the market and you may be cheated into buying products that are ineffective or downright useless.
*Don’t be fooled by testimonials – Do we really have to tell you about this? If you believe in testimonials, they we got a really beautiful patch of land on the Moon you can invest in…its going cheap too.
*Reviews are not to be trusted –  Again, not to be trusted or to be honored with a reading.
*Prohormones – Prohormones are slightly different from LS. They do work but they use a weaker form of steroids that act like steroids but they are not food supplements. They are also not really natural but steroid-similar drugs that do work.