A successful business keeps track of all the important parameters. The importance of parameters differs across businesses but there are those major ones that cut across business whether they are from the service industry or they deal with FMCGs. While tracking some aspects may not be easy due to the subjectivity of the deemed increase or decrease in the aspects there are tools that can be used to track different aspects. If you want to be the best prohormone stack provider, these are the things that you should track at all times.

Stock levels

For a prohormone seller, the level of stock is very important. The stock should be sufficient to cater for the demand at a specific period and should be enough to cater for the business needs during lead time. Under stock, the business should always have an idea of the current level of stock, the reorder levels, the lead time and have provisions for emergency situations. The lead time is the time taken by the business’ supplier to replenish the stock. It is usually measured in days. The business should track its supplies in such a way that they order at the most convenient time. Getting these parameters wrong could lead to loss of business and subsequently loyal clients.


A business that can efficiently track its expenses throughout is a successful business. The best prohormone stack dealers should be able to track expense costs for different items in the business. Whether it is the costs associated with different employees or it’s the cost of overheads, the opportunity costs of lost sales and clients or the cost of acquiring new clients. Different expense items should be carefully tracked to understand their relationship to business performance. Tracking them will also enable you to learn what your business spends more on and therefore you are able to keep the costs in control.


Prohormone stacks fetch different levels of income. While you may know the individual selling prices of different prohormone stacks, you may not have much knowledge on the contribution of different stacks to the business. As such, each individual stack should be tracked to understand their revenue patterns and their overall contribution to the business profits. This will also enable you to control your stock and reorder levels in order to maximise profits.


Your employees are the highest drivers of success. Different employees will contribute differently to the success of the business. While it may not be easy to track the exact contribution, it is easy to track such parameters as the wage rate, the number of man hours provided, the number of extra hours worked and the number of units sold per employee. The parameters to be tracked here are highly dependent on your appraisal and remuneration policies. These parameters help in gauging the importance of each employee relative to the business success, their contribution and these inform promotion and termination of employees.

Tracking Software

To make it easier for the business, you should have software that helps you to track revenue, expenses, employee contribution and overall business progress. Such software include Asana, Smart Sheet, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project and Basecamp. Some of these software can be used to track different parameters on a project by project basis or they can be used for specific parameters. You only need to identify the software which you are most comfortable with and which will protect the information from access by unauthorised personnel. The use of these will propel your business to be the best prohormone stacks business in your area of operation.