Your goal is to get ripped. Competition season is coming up and you’ve already planned the best cutting cycles in combination with the best steroid cutting stack to get into shape. But you want to know how the top athletes get into shape. Even with the best cutting cycle and the best cutting stack, you still don’t get as ripped as top-level athletes. This means that you could be doing something wrong or something less.

Well, you are right. Nutrition is critical even with the best cutting stacks and with the best steroid cutting cycle. Top athletes follow state-of-the-art nutrition guidelines to ensure that they are in top shape for the season. But not to worry, we’ve listed the top tips from international athletes for you to follow.

*Your protein intake should be about 1.5gms per pound of body weight. You can increase the protein content by as much as 2gms to ensure optimum weight gain.
*Try to eat anywhere from five to six meals per day. These meals should be calibrated to contain the right balance of carbs to proteins.
*Carb loading is to be done before workouts and after workouts. For example, pre-workout and post-workout meals should contain carbs to provide a valuable boost of sugar. We also recommend taking your carbs early in the morning so that they are used by by day-end.
*Cycling your carbs also seems to work quite well. A typical cycle would be eating limited carbs for 4-5 days and then stopping carbs completely. You can then increase your carb instake again to 100gms per day for three days and then cycle down to a lower dose over the next few days. When you cycle carbs, you are actually regulating your body and ensuring overall good health and much more balanced fat loss.
*Space your meals to be three to five hours apart. Your last meal should be atleast one to two hours before going to bed. Ideally, meals at 7am, 10am, one pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm would be great if you sleep at 11pm.
*Consume complex carbs like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, yams, whole wheat bread or pasta, etc. Fruits are also all right but in a limited amount.
*Restrict your carb intake to just about 50gms of carbs per day. You can include fast-digesting carbs to ensure that your body is balanced.
*Extreme dieting can cause cravings. You will experience problems and this may cause you to fall off the diet bandwagon. Don’t let the cravings get to you. Designate one day or one meal per day as your cheap meal where you can get your craving item in moderation. This will help you psychologically as well as physiologically. Don’t overdo the cheat meals though as it destroys whatever you have been working on.
*Extreme diets are popular with users but do be careful. Do not overdo extreme diets as they can result in serious long-term adverse effects.

The Bottom Line

Eating well is very important during any kind of cutting cycle. You have to balance your fat, protein and carb intake in such a way that you gain mass but lose fat to acquire a ripped appearance. Read these basic tips but make sure you also use a custom calculator to get your diet macros correctly calculated for your cutting cycle.