Anadrol also commonly called Oxymetholone A50, is  miracle drugs that is popular among bodybuilders, boxers and athletes. As a powerful steroid, Anadrol stimulates faster improvements in respect of the growth of red blood cells. It is also incredible in giving you the strength as you lift heavy loads, protecting your bones and muscles during strenuous workouts. People who find it difficult to withstand tough workouts need to consider Anadrol to pump them to greater heights of bodybuilding. This androgenic anabolic steroid is popular for the production of erythropoietin in the user’s body and has a greater effect on the production of red blood cells. This means that users have sufficient oxygen supply hence their muscle tissues will not breakdown as there is adequate oxygen to move oxygenated blood to target muscles.

The molecular formula of aandrol is C21H32O3. As a performance enhancing steroid, anadrol effects can be seen after 6-8 weeks after beginning to use. It has a melting point of between 178° and 180°C. Anadrol is classified as a schedule III drug and has a half life of approximately 14-16 hours. The ingredients used to make anadrol include starch, magnesium stearate, povidone and lactose. However, its primary ingredient that is actively present is Oxymetholone. Hundreds of professional boxers, athletes and amateurs a like adore Anadrol because of its unrivaled nitrogen retention and protein synthesis properties. Long-term use of Anadrol 50 cycle is associated with almost permanent improvements in the strength, aggression and muscle mass levels.

Additionally, Anadrol has proven extremely effective for athletes and professionals who experience fatigue and muscle injuries due to intense workouts and fitness training. The drug is a powerful pre-workout tablet capable of protecting the muscles against tears. In addition to these benefits, Anadrol can also prevent pectoral ad biceps tissue from tears that come as a result of lifting heavy weights.Anadrol is not recommendedto women  or young girls, who are expectant or breastfeeding mothers. Therefore, if you expect to ge pregnant in the near future, you need to avoid Anadrol. It is not also advised to children and people who’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, breast and testicular cancer. Those who exhibit hypersensitivity with Anadrol should also avoid Anadrol cycles online.

Advantages of Anadrol 50 Cycles at a Glance

Androl is the steroid of choice if you are looking to hit your goals with a bang and to help you achieve results unthinkable with normal workouts. Whether you are a cyclist, mountain climbers or athletes, Anadrol can rapidly enhance your performance, especially in when it comes to urinary release of erythropoietin. In addition, the steroid is well known to improve the nitrogen balance in the body. This is usually the case of you have sufficient calories in your carbohydrate diet. Anadrol is also known for its unmatched body strength and muscle mass gains when combined with intense workouts. This steroid can also improve protein synthesis and aggression. However, when aggression goes beyond what is necessary, it is likely to affect the users negatively. Available in pills, tablets, oral and injections, users can choose the right form that is suitable for them.

With an anabolic and androgenic ratio of 320:45, Anadrol has the unrestricted ability to stimulate cell growth. If you are keen to trying this drug, you need to recall that abusing the drug can cause serious side effects , including nausea, sleeplessness, body swellings, and diarrhea. Frequent erections, irritability of the bladder, changes in the menstrual cycle and acne are some of the additional possible side effects of the drug.